Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damaged Shingles

Shingles Damaged by Snow Storms

The shingles in the roof finally started to give out causing leaks in the ceiling underneath. The winter storms in Colorado can take a toll on older homes. Be sure to check your shingles each year and call us if you have a problem.

Clean Basement in Pueblo, Colorado

Doesn't that look nice?

Check out the before and after pictures of this nice and clean basement. There was a lot of stuff that needed to be removed and cleaned at our facility to allow us to begin the cleanup of the basement.

Visible flood water in basement

How do you remove flood water?

We use a pump with a basket over the inlet to pump out flood water. When there is a lot of standing water it's the fastest way to get it out and ready for our team to start the cleanup process.

Flooded wood floors

Wood Floor Damage

Many second homes and cabins will have water damage if the water isn't turned off. Take care of your vacation homes by keeping the water turned off and the heat at around 50 degrees.

Frozen pipes being fixed.

Frozen Pipes Flooded a Commercial Building

The pipes on the outside wall froze and broke causing the building to flood. We stopped the water, extracted it, and created a small barrier to keep the opening dry and safe from staff.

Flooded Retail Building

Retail Building with Flood Damage

Looking at this picture you wouldn't think much of it. However, there was a flood that luckily didn't touch the merchandise. You can see the flood line and we couldn't help but be grateful with the customer that it wasn't higher.