Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Winter Storms in Pueblo, CO

Each year we clean up many homes that were not ready for the winter. Homeowner that leave their hoses hooked up to the hose bib are usually calling us because o... READ MORE

Do you know what an Ice Dam is?

If your home has long icicles during the winter, you have an ice dam. The heat from your home melts the snow on your roof and the water runs down to your gutter... READ MORE

Cabin Storm Cleanup

This cabin had a been damaged by a storm and its wood floors were ruined. Mold had been growing under the wood planks and needed to be removed altogether. Storm... READ MORE

Roof Damage Restoration and Inspection

Hail damage can cause small leaks in a roof that could end up causing a lot of damage down the road. If the roof isn't repaired right away you could be looking ... READ MORE

What not to do after a flood!

It's tempting to go back to your home as soon as possible after a flood, but a flooded home comes with a lot of hidden dangers. Don't rush back into the area to... READ MORE

Unfinished Basement Water Damage

An unfinished basement is a great place to store all your boxes. Nobody plans for a storm that will cause flooding in the basement. Our team of flood damage res... READ MORE